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Rigol: a company who makes cheap electronics test equipment, uncle bumblefucks lcd digital storage oscilloscope is made by rigol and he also has a variable dc power supply made by rigol. “We got the frigol hooked up to er’ now”

Submitted by: Cockfordollie5254

Wheatstone Bridge

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A very useful electronic component that turns mechanical energy into electrical, uncle bumblefuck has found them in many things including: a hazard fraud digital torque meter, and pressure transducers. He has used one in his series on testing wrenches until they break where he connected it to the osmelloscope to graph how much torque it took to break the wrench.

Submitted by: Cockfordollie5254

Non-Cicader vile curseword

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“Meat of me mitt, grisled road-warrior tip, i hear you can get pills for that these days; nothing breaks the ice with the locals like a non-cicader vile curseword”

Similar to the term “Non Sequitur” but indicating absence of relation to perennial outdoor arthropod noise machines. ~8:26 into BOLTR: BOSCH impact driver | CORE 18V

Submitted by: ben andersen