1.59/5 (17)

meaning: a useless tool carried by everyone
useless in that it does a variety of things but none of them very well
carried as the holder is usually the most inept of colleagues that everyone else has to cover for
everyone because the fucking worksafe lawyers, civil libertarians & millenials have screwed the world over so that Darwinism is almost illegal

Submitted by: Gadget

Good idea fairies

4.75/5 (4)

Military term; An evil mythical creature that whispers advice and ideas into the ears of military leadership, causing hundreds unnecessary changes and countless wasted man-hours every year.

When idiots in charge with no appreciation for how a task is actually done or grasp of reality… have notions of taking superfluous additional equipment along or process step changess “just in case”, that are pointless, unneccessary, time-wasting, resource inefficient or down right dangerous to the actual operators/workers performing the task. Normally generated out of desperation to contribute something to another oxygen-thieving meeting with an over-abundance of ‘buzzwords’ so that they appear to be a savvy go-getter.

Submitted by: Gadget