“The beaver went at it with a dull apprentice”

5/5 (4) Appearance; beaten up and scratched to FRIG. Looks good from afar but far from good. Typically in reference to surface scratches, injection mould tooling marks, etc.

A phrasial spoonerism of “the apprentice went at it with a dull beaver”

See also: Apprentice Marks, Dull Beaver

Submitted by: Conor Brady

Weak Winch…Nudge Nudge

5/5 (1) Play on Monte Python” Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge” Weak Winch Nudge Nudge means getting out to push your off road vehicle when you are so stuck …that your winch can’t pull you out (or your rig doesn’t have a winch). So… you get out and push. Nudge nudge also includes: flattening tires, injecting gasoline into the flat tires and lighting it to reinflate them, digging craters around tires, felling trees for leverage and asking, why didn’t we ride horses into the mountains like our fore-mothers? That’s what our country needs, more Matriotism, God Bless our Mothers!

Submitted by: Math Mugwunp