Big Rock Candy Mountain (in the Sky)

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A low person’s idea of an impossibly-fanciful paradise, where amazing things are commonplace. “…right from the Big Rock Candy Mountain: Shenzhen—ten bucks!” [Non-AvE word, originates from a folk song of the same name.]

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Madd Dawg
Madd Dawg
1 year ago

BRCM refers to the Pupals Repubic of Chinesum. aka Big Republic of Chinese Manufracturing.

6 months ago

Low person? More likely related to sugarcandy mountain, from Animal Farm by Orwell.

Uncle Dirtnap
Uncle Dirtnap
Reply to  Frugalmeister
5 months ago

Nah, definitely the folk song from the 20s about the nonsensical hobo paradise. Cigarette trees and whiskey springs, cops with wooden legs, and bulldogs with rubber teeth.