Cunt hair (Australian vs North American usage)

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In “Grinder Porn” regarding the DeWalt FlexVolt grinder. Uncle Bumblefuck distingquishes his use of the term as an important distinction, noting how offensive the North American usage is to his wife.

Australian usage

Submitted by: Karl Milhon

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Karl Milhon
Karl Milhon
3 years ago

Of course his notation could be considered somewhat specious, but the agaìn, one must consider the sòurce…

Samuel Braun
Samuel Braun
3 years ago

There is nothing particularly short or small about “a cunt hair” and while “a hair” is a common expression for a small or short distance, again, a “cunt hair” is no “smaller” (if we’re talking diameter, not length) than any other hair, (nose, eyebrow…. whatever). If we’re talking length (which we’re not) anyone with any experience would tell you that a typical cunt hair is not particularly short. HOWEVER, when men used to get a hair cut every two weeks about, in those days “a CUT hair” was indeed a short measure. Perhaps exactly what “a hair” (3 or 4… Read more »

Mike Hawke
Mike Hawke
3 years ago

In keeping with the unwritten Australian commandment of never giving an absolute declarative confirmation or actual quantification to a question or enquiry, “a cunt hair” along with “a bee’s dick”, is a unit of imprecise precision measurement widely used in final fitment after the accumulation of half-arsedry by everybody involved from design to manufacture leads to a part requiring kinetic negotiations in order to be fit for purpose.

“How’s that look?”

‘It’s a cunt hair out.’


‘Nuh. Too far. Back it up a bee’s dick.’



‘Not bad.’

“A blind man would be happy to see it.”